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“I found out I had a tax lien of $250,000 from taxes that I hadn't filed from over ten years. They arranged to give me a payment, get it worked down to $116 a's really been an easy process and everybody's been very helpful, and understanding, not demeaning in any way or anything.”
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“...Because of some difficult family problems and a divorce and some financial issues ... I did not file my income properly...I finally heard about Tax Defense Network on a radio program and...they were hitting the ground running helping me, it was an amazing thing...”
–Paul, NJ
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“You guys have been great”
“...We had gotten a letter from the IRS basically threatening to levy against our property and it's scary...after talking to an IRS representative that really didn't have a clue who I was or anything about me and they really don't guys have been great...”
–Sharon, OH
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Unpaid Back Taxes - Get Fresh Start!

If you owe back taxes to the IRS or state, whatever you do, don't ignore letters or collection efforts, because the IRS will pursue you relentlessly until the issue becomes a nightmare in your life. If you ignore the IRS, you are risking wage garnishments, bank accounts seizures or levies, tax liens, and more. Before tax issues become more serious, get a Free Tax Relief Consultation - at no obligation - from tax relief specialists who will stand by your side and work out the most favorable tax relief solution for you.

Know Your Legal Rights and Options

IRS and tax issues are governed by, and subject to, federal law. That's why it is so important to have experienced tax attorneys on your side working on your behalf - Experienced professionals who have been there before - who understand how to make the law work for you - and protect your interests.

Back Taxes - Up Front

Another name for unpaid or late taxes is "back taxes" (usually for the previous tax year).Though you may want to put the uncomfortable thought of your overdue taxes in the back or your mind, getting tax relief help is a smarter idea. Avoiding late tax payments could cost you money and cause serious difficulties.

To the IRS, getting your back tax payments is a top priority. When you are late paying your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service could subject you to significant legal consequences including:

Time is of the essence when you have back taxes, because the IRS practice is to send you time-sensitive legal notices to make you pay your back tax bill. Such IRS notices threaten severe outcomes if you don't respond or comply with them.

To see what tax relief can do for you, take a moment to answer a few simple questions, and you'll be provided with a Free Tax Relief Consultation

One of the more threatening IRS documents or forms is a "Notice of Intent to Levy." Be aware that if you receive this notice, you need to act very quickly. By law this notice must arrive at least thirty (30) days before the IRS levies or takes your property. Thirty days is a small amount of time in which to respond or seek professional tax relief.

Many taxpayers faced with an IRS back tax notification may have little or no knowledge of all their legal rights or how to proceed when they receive a notice regarding their unpaid taxes. If you need tax relief help, take a moment to answer a few simple questions, and you'll be provided with a

Back Tax Help

You may also have to pay interest and penalty fees on unpaid or late tax debts - especially if you have not filed your back tax returns or requested a filing extension (to avoid a 5 percent late filing fee.)

Maybe all of your attempts to raise funds to pay your back taxes have fallen through - such as borrowing money, selling some of your assets (e.g., house, car, bonds, etc.) or obtaining a home equity line of credit, and you are at a loss as to what to do. Perhaps you even have an existing back tax payment plan with the IRS but find that you are becoming less and less able to make monthly payments. Rather than default on your payment plan or new taxes, know that you have options.

Before tax issues become more serious, get a Free Tax Relief Consultation at No Obligation - from tax relief specialists who will stand by your side and work out the most favorable tax relief solution for you.

Protect Your Assets

An experienced back tax professional or attorney can help you with complex IRS notices and forms and protect your assets and property from seizure or lien. A tax expert or lawyer who understands how to make the law work for you can offer you legal back tax settlement solutions and help such as:

Time is of the Essence

To see what tax relief can do for you, take a moment to answer a few simple questions, and you'll be provided with a free & confidential tax relief consultation - at absolutely no obligation.

For immediate assistance with an IRS tax matter call (844) 311-7711, or .