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We've served more than 2.4 million people all across America in need of relief from IRS back taxes. Below are comments from taxpayers who have been successful at putting stress and worry over IRS back taxes behind them.

...from the first phone call I felt so relieved. Their confidence of relieving from this IRS burden rubbed off on me. I was still scared and spent many sleepness nights worrying but contacting them was the best thing I could have done. I feel like a 100 pounds is off my shoulders so I want to thank you. They even told me that I can always call them years from now if I have any questions or need advise and that is another reason why I would advise people to put their trust in them as I did... — Sherri
When you receive a letter in the mail that has IRS on it - you tend to lose a lot of sleep and sometimes don't even open the envelope! I've had that experience and after making contact, I have to tell you, I slept better. They certainly know how to work through the issues and tame the 900 pound gorilla! — Steve B.
I have to tell you that I was so nervous going through this process however [my tax specialist] walked me though the steps and explained everything in detail. She was able to have a tax levy on my wages released the same day we talked. Trust them they are the real thing. I can't thank you enough [my tax specialist]. — Joel P.
The IRS is providing help to the victims of recent hurricanes.
How It Works – 4 Simple Steps – The Free Tax Resolution Consultation
Individuals or businesses in need of IRS relief from back taxes call or submit a request online to receive a free consultation from tax resolution experts.
Tax relief specialists take the time to listen, understand your current situation and goals (including any immediate relief you may need to stop or prevent a wage garnishment, tax lien, or bank levy.)
Based on your unique circumstances, tax resolution experts apply existing tax relief code to provide your best options to get immediate relief and reach the lowest possible settlement with the IRS.
You may choose to resolve IRS back taxes on your own, or utilize the expertise of tax specialists who will negotiate the best possible IRS resolution or settlement on your behalf. There are no upfront retainer fees.
Voices of Tax Relief
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“It's really been an easy process”
“I found out I had a tax lien of $250,000 from taxes that I hadn't filed from over ten years. They arranged to give me a payment, get it worked down to $116 a's really been an easy process and everybody's been very helpful, and understanding, not demeaning in any way or anything.”
–Richard, VA
Listen to Richard:
“They just do what they know best”
“...Because of some difficult family problems and a divorce and some financial issues... I did not file my income properly... Somehow I knew that this was the proper place to call... From the minute I called them, they were hitting the ground running, helping me! It was just an amazing thing... I'm kinda overwhelmed right now, and I can't express how much I appreciate it.”
–Paul, NJ
Listen to Paul:
“You guys have been great”
“...We had gotten a letter from the IRS basically threatening to levy against our property and it's scary...after talking to an IRS representative that really didn't have a clue who I was or anything about me and they really don't guys have been great...”
–Sharon, OH
Listen to Sharon:
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