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The time to seek professional help for tax problems is sooner, rather than later - before your situation becomes more serious, and before the IRS takes aggressive action against you to collect on unpaid taxes.

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Take Action Before the IRS Does

When individuals ignore notices or IRS collection letters, a series of unfortunate events will normally occur as the IRS escalates its enforcement efforts in pursuit of taxpayers. Such action typically include wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, and seizure of assets. While many citizens have not experienced the seizure of income, or the wiping out of a bank account - these measures are routinely taken against those that ignore the IRS, so it is important to take action now to prevent IRS enforcement action.

Tax Attorneys Can Help You

The Tax Relief Center teams up with a BBB-A+Rated network of experienced tax relief attorneys and tax specialists who can help you immediately to get the IRS off your back - and provide you with a workable and fair tax relief solution that can not only provide you emotional relief, but also one that could help you save thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your situation. Many people who

Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Removal of Garnishment, Tax Lien, Bank Levy

Through special negotiations with the IRS on your behalf, tax attorneys may assist you in negotiating a favorable installment agreement with the IRS; they may help you save money via a Penalty Abatement; they may be able to remove Wage Garnishments or Bank Levys; or work with you to design an Offer in Compromise.

If you're facing tax debts, there is some good news: Tax attorneys and tax lawyers have the experience and expertise to quickly assess your situation and advise you of the legal options available to you - in short, they understand how to apply tax relief code to meet your current situation. Tax relief professionals are ready to work on your side to help you secure the best possible offer and solution from the IRS.

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What can I say. HIRE THEM ! I was in real trouble with 7 years of back taxes never filed..and the IRS was at my door!!! They basically held my hand through the whole ordeal . They went out of there way on many occasions,really I sent in bags and boxes of receipts And some how their team handled it all. I have a small monthly payment now thanks to TDN..I can now honestly say I can breathe . Thank you so much S.D. Now stop reading and make the call it's really ok they will due what they say.... SR — Steve R., Mobile
Tax Defense Network helped resolve my issues in a helpful, professional and friendly manner. I enjoyed my experience and and I'm glad that I chose them to help. — Jeremy , Foley
***** ***** was a huge help for me during this most difficult time. She was able to provide me with solutions that were suited for me and work with the IRS to get this taken care of.I would highly recommend using Tax Defense Network they are a great company. — Kaleigh C., Alabaster
I Highly Recommend Tax Defense. My Husband and I are More than satisfied with the outcome of our case. I was very worried in the beginning as we were in the High Dollar Category with the IRS and could not fight our way out of it. My Husband had a Garnishment on his wages even though we were making payments and that has been removed and replaced with a comfortable payment plan. — Lisa R., Payson
the best out come i could ever hope for kept me informed of entire process and reached an outcome i could live with this company are pros from start to finish — Fred H., Gilbert
Tax Defense's Team was extremely dedicated to my situation while calming all my fears and anxiety. They have worked very diligent on my case, and now with this concluded, I feel a large load off my shoulders. I thank them very much and would recommend to anyone with any tax issues (no matter how small or large) to stop worrying take a deep breath and call...all you have to do is call! also I have to thank my case worker ***** ..I can sleep now. — Kathy C., Chandler
We hired Tax Defense Network after working with the IRS for several months to resolve our tax liability for years 2009, 2010 and 2011. They where able to get us into a non-disclousure agreement allowing us to pay our liability over a period of time and stop all lien and garnishment demands. We would recommend this company highly. — Vince M., Sun Lakes
my experience with the tax defense network was one of the most positive i have ever had with any business anywhere. prompt, professional and personable. i would recommend this business to anyone. — Reed C., Sierra Vista
Dear ****** and all those at Tax Defense Thank y'all so much I know we are just ONE of many customers but we are happy. We made our first payment to the IRS already and are on our way to a reasonable method of repayment. We thank you for your professionalism and kindness. Tell all the others for me too. I know a team was involved. Best of all, my mental DARK CLOUD is now gone thanks to y'all. All the great emails and calls you made To me really demonstrated a great personal touch. God bless you ****** and Pam Overstreet — Ashley, Searcy
Through the whole process TDN and its representatives were attentive and professional. The service I received from **** ******* was excellent and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who might need their services. Thanks for all of your help... — George M., Bekersfield
I contacted this company because I had read good reviews about them when I did a google search for IRS help. I was contacted by them right away, given a clear picture of what they would do on my behalf. Not only did they deliver on their promise but they did it in an expedient time frame with no surprises and the fee was exactly what they said it would be and didn't try to bait and switch. I would definitely recommend them if you are facing IRS issues. — Lynda A., Newport Beach
When you receive a letter in the mail that has IRS on it - you tend to lose a lot of sleep and sometimes don't even open the envelope! I've had that experience and after making contact with TDN, I have to tell you, I slept better. They certainly know how to work through the issues and tame the 900 pound gorilla! Steve — Steve B., Newbury
Tax Defense did a great job. They helped me through the entire process. The outcome was better than I expected. I would recommend anyone that is facing a tax issue not to wait and contact Tax Defense Network ASAP. **** ******* and ******** ******* were excellent to work with. — Roy Garza, Lomita
Tax Defense has really gone above and beyond my expectations to help me with my taxes. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They take care of you on a personal level and explain every detail to you along the way! I really appreciate *** ******** attention to detail by keeping me informed on all matters pertaining to my case. I would highly recommend Tax Defense to anyone with tax problems to give them a call they can help! — JOHN PLUMMER, El Cajon
I couldn't of done it without everyone at Tax Defense Network. Everyone was kind, helpful and on the ball. Within 24 hours my lien on my wages was taken off before it went in effect 5 days later. What a relief! I would recommend this company without hesitation!!!! — Debi F., Newhall
TDN is the best at what they do. They work promptly, diligently and swiftly in working with you in the best possible route to resolve your tax needs. I recommend them highly to anyone who is need of patronizing this tremendously helpful company and resource. Their staff is second to none in tax problem resolution and in gracious in assisting those that are cash strapped in making more than reasonable payment arrangement's. Cheers and thanks to the staff and those in particular who assisted me and can assist you as well. — Matthew, San Rafael
Tax Defense Network, is absolutely the way to go for an individual such as myself, solving my tax problems would have been impossible. TDN did a great job blocking any ongoing action by the IRS, and eventually resolving my unwarranted tax due issue. I can not thank them enough for their help. I highly recommend TDN's service to anyone in need of tax help that is unfairly charged to you. Contact - TAX DEFENSE NETWORK - for real help. — Gerry SF, Hayward
I recommend Tax Defense Network to anyone who needs to resolve a tax issue with the IRS. *** ******* was the Tax Analyst that I worked with. She was professional, knowledgeable, very responsive and most of all, got me results with the IRS. Amy made the tedious on going process with the IRS much easier to deal with. Tax Defense Network, Inc. is truly one of the best Tax companies I have worked with. — Christine, Sacramento
***** was very professional in dealing with my issues and explained everything in detail I could not have gotten thru with the IRS without the help of ***** and her team. — susan H., Huntington Beach
Tax Defense Network has been an absolute Godsend for me and my family! Over the last ~3 years they negotiated two very fair installment agreements for us. They took care of all the direct interactions with the IRS, an organization that would give me heart palpitations with their menacing certified letters. That alone, serving as the cool, calm, collected, and Extremely Professional go-between for me with the IRS lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and gave me legal clout the IRS respected and worked with (where I am sure I would have been brow-beaten into a very poor deal for our family which would have caused us to truly struggle financially). The TDN people I worked with over the years Had Heart, Cared, were Professional, Thorough, just Outstanding. Thank you Thank you Thank you Tax Defense Network. I ABSOLUTELY WILL Recommend TDN to Anyone with any kind of complicated tax-related issues where they need good representation! — FAB, Redwood City
When I found myself in desperate need of professionals to help me with serious IRS problems, I researched the top three companies I could find on-line. TDN,Inc. had the best ratings by both the BBB and its customers. They were not hesitant to have possible new customers call the references and talk with them personally (ie: nothing to hide!). It's taken several months and several individuals at the varying stages to rectify my case, but we're now only days away from finalizing everything. EVERY person I've worked with has been warm, welcoming, clear in outlining what needs to be done and why, and always considerate of me. Never have I been made to feel inferior, stupid, or foolish. I owe everyone at TDN,Inc. a huge "thank you" and would recommend them in a heartbeat to others. — alta M., Oceanside
I was very happy with my out turn,the staff was professional,and allways available and took the stress away from me, so i could concentrate on my job. — bryan S., San Pedro
The staff (***) was always professional, colaborative and well-versed in the complexities of dealing with IRS. She was proactive in presenting my case in the most complete way to assure maximum benefit to me --- her customer. I would recommend the work of this firm to anyone needing guidance through the maze that is called the IRS. — Lawrence B, Huntington Beach
I cannot overstate my gratitude to the Tax Defense Network for the thoroughly professional service they provided to me and thus to my family, as we confronted serious tax difficulties associated with an avalanche of medical circumstances. ******** ********, my Tax Defense Network contact person, was terrific! He listened patiently and compassionately until he was sure he understood our circumstances and what led up to them. After deliberate consideration, he explained clearly and succinctly my options and subsequently outlined a plan to help me deal with an ongoing tax burden which would otherwise continue to undermine in perpetuity any efforts on my behalf to rebuild my life. Busy as I know he is, ******** never failed to respond promptly and conscientiously to my calls and emails -- an exemplary role model for human service. — J.P., San Jose
I was very happy with ***** ***** (TDN) ! She guided me threw every detail and resolved my tax problems with the IRS. Thankyou! — Arthur R., West Minister
I have to tell you that I was so nervous going through this process however ****** *. walked me though the steps and explained everything in detail. She was able to have a tax levy on my wages released the same day we talked. Trust them they are the real thing. I can't thank you enough ******. — Joel P., Los Angeles
Tax Defense did everything they said they were going to do!!! They helped me by dropping my tax payment from 500 a month to 180 a month!!! They also always kept me in the loop!! I highly recommend them!! :) — Bennie G., Denver
My experience with Tax Defense Network was very positive. They dealt with the IRS and with me fairly and were very helpful in making my status change and circumstances affordable. It was a very stressful time and I felt supported and that I had a team on my side. — Karen H., Aurora
I just want to first thank everyone for there time and hard work spent on getting my case resolved with IRS:-) I truely feel like i can reclaim most of my life and began to live as normal life as possible. ****** ***** spent on getting the terrific results and news i have recieved. — Joseph s., Denver
When I started using Tax Defense Network, I was looking at loosing everything because of back taxes. They worked with me to not only get caught up on un-filed tax returns and working with the IRS to come to a settlement that I am able to manage without always looking over my shoulder. I would recommend this company to anyone that is having problems and need help with dealing with the IRS. I also us them now to complete my tax returns each year. — Jean L., Aurora
I am very happy that I contacted Tax Defense Network. Throughout the process they were professional and empathetic. They helped me resolve my problem with the IRS and I now have peace of mind knowing everything is OK. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. — Ledc, Colorado Springs
I would highly recommend tax defense network to anyone who has a tax issue and can no longer deal with the I.R.S. by themselves. From my first phone call to Tax Defense Network to my resolution everyone was so helpful and really moved my case along in a very timely and organized fashion. Anytime I called into the network to ask a question whoever I was speaking to knew who I was and how my case was going. ***** ******** was the person that I was in contact with the most and she is nothing short of amazing, I alway knew that she really cared about me and my situation and worked with me to resolve my case in record time. I am so grateful to Tax Defense Network for all the hard work and honesty that the gave me. My only regret is that I never got to actully meet in person all the people that helped me through this situation because I live in colorado and they are located in florida so this was all done over the phone. Thanks Tax Defense Network and keep up the great work!! — Michele P., Littleton
I was burnt once before with a company claiming to be able to help with my IRS debt. Turns out after paying them I was told I could only reduce my 20,000 plus debt down by 800 dollars. It was the worst. I was put into a monthly payment I could not afford. Then I was contacted by Tax Defense and within roughly a month they were able to reduce my monthly payment to ZERO. That's right I now owe the IRS nothing as a monthly payment. IRS still has the right to withhold my yearly tax return but cannot garnish my wages. Tax Defense really helped me and my family out tremendously. They worked with me to make monthly payments to pay for their services. It was overall a great experience and def the best outcome for my family. — Samuel D., Palm Coast
I was faced with a back tax debt over $64000.that I had been trying to resolve for five years with no success, Tax Defense Network promised to relieve me of this stressful burden within five months, I trusted them with the case March 2013,they resolved it July 2013: thanks tax Defense Network team for a job well done! Sincerely, ****** ** — Robert J., Lake Wells
Making the initial call to TDN was one of the smartest moves I ever made. TDN took my tax problem head on and resolved it not only professionally, but to my utmost satisfaction. This office is highly recommended — Ralph P., Caoe Canaveral
Tax Defense Network Inc., came to me highly recommended. They worked hard on my case and I could not be happier with the results. They lifted a heavy burden from my mind, kept me up to date on my case throughout and were able to resolve my tax issues 100% in my favor. If you need tax help these are the people you want on your side. The entire staff were outstanding from begining to end. Thank you!!! — Kerry M., Miami
We are very pleased with the service we received from Tax Defense Network. Corey was very responsive to our questions and made a very unpleasant situation somewhat tolerable. I would highly recommend them. We are very pleased with the resolution they were able to reach for us. — Denise S., Kissimmee
I have had tax problems for three years. I hired one tax company and they went out of business without even notifying me and took full payment. I worked with the IRS agent personally but she was very cryptic and only contacted me when she needed something, not when I would call to get clarification. After a lot of frustration and unanswered questions, I took a chance with Tax Defense Network. I reviewed ratings, reviews and time in business. My problem was quickly resolved with a positive outcome for me. I highly recommend giving them a chance. — Richard V., Apopka
I am overjoyed at this moment. I just got a call from my representative and Tax Defense. There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful Tax Defense Network is. They were on top of every situation that was thrown at us by the IRS. I did a lot of research on companies before I chose them. I am so glad I did and highly recommend them. Thanks for all you did. I feel like the weight of the world is off our family! — DTA, Anastasia Island
I needed help to settle with IRS for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011...while it was expensive for what they did, they did get a levy released almost overnight and helped establish an affordable repayment plan lower than I originally expected. They also will be there for me when in just a few years I will retire and my income will decrease to help me renegotiate the payment. — Linda H., Oviedo
I was told about Tax Defence from my accountant. Hireing them was the best decision I ever made. They were the most Proffessional group of people I have delt with from start to finish. I would recemend them to anybody who has Tax problems. Thank you!!! — Carl N., Jacksonville
This company could not have been any more professional in their handling of my case. A special thanks to ***** ********* for a superb job. — J R F, Key West
Our case worker for the Tax Defense Network worked with us to settle our tax debt problems and she helped us out immensely. Getting the IRS to stop our garnishments really loosened the noose that was around our necks. — Stanley D., Gainesville
From the moment i made my first call to Tax defense all the employees were not only friendly but punctual on all factors. My thanks to all of you. I will not hesitate to recomend Tax Defense. A special thanks to Mr ****** **** for his patients and time during my time of need. Thank you all again. — HENRY S., Lake Worth
Tax Defense was very courteous and helpful.***** ***** had the most patience while dealing with my horrendous IRS problem.I will be eternally grateful.I highly reccomend ax Defense and be sure to request ***** *****. — Clara F., Dade City
The people at Tax Defense Network are the BEST! I was so relieved when we were able to come to a resolution with the IRS. They made sure that I was taken care of in every way possible. I now have a pay off that I can afford,and the burden of not knowing what was to happen next is gone.They are very professional,and kept me informed on every thing happening with my case. I can't say enough about this company. I would recommend them to anyone that is having problems with the IRS. — P.Lee, Carrabelle
I had a very good experience with Tax Defense Network — Lisa, Tampa
The staff at Tax Defense Network, Inc. were very professional from start to finish. I would highly recommend them if you need help in filing back tax returns. Rather than owing money to the IRS as the IRS stated, we actually got a healthy refund. Thanks to all those we dealt with at TDN. You're great. — Claudia F., Cocanut Creek
I have to thank **** ****** and the TDN team for andling my case..they did a great job in cutting my debt tremendously during these hard time..I would recommend others to use them since they work hard to make everything for you affordable... — Craig S., Kennesaw
Thanks to Tax Defense I can now breathe easy. My customer service experience was excellent. There was lots of follow up until my case was satisfied. Everyone who worked with me were very helpful and personable. — Sonya F., Marietta
My assigned Tax Analyst from the Tax Defense Network (TDN) was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of working to get our tax issues resolved. She was very knowledgeable, and took me through the process one step at a time, and also kept me informed where we were with the IRS, which helped alleviate my anxieties. She was attentive to the fact that I needed feedback all along the way & she made sure to contact me at least weekly or when there was anything new to report. We recently reached our tax resolution which has been approved by the IRS, & I cannot tell you how relieved I am to put this behind me. I would recommend the Tax Defense Network, without hesitation, to anyone who is struggling with the IRS over back taxes and other IRS issues. The TDN is dependable & reliable & able to get the tax resolution that is best for your specific situation.Do not hesitate to contact them today! — Janice G., Columbus
Very prompt and always to the point. Very respectful and courteous. I Am really pleased. Keep up the good work. — Mark S, Kaneohe
Hi I am a very satisfied TDN client. It took about a year and a half to finally get some resolution to my taxes. TDN stayed with me throughout the process, they literally championed my case. There is always some sort of mistrust when you start with a company but these guys were there all the time. I got my life back. They are the real deal. I know it is hard to find someone who will be there and do what they say, they over delivered. If you find your self in my shoes which was a very complicated case, hire them now. It is going to take some time to resolve. Not because of TDN, the IRS is a very large organisation and inheritenally slow. I can not praise them enough Thanks again ***. — Gene L., Mountain Home
I would highly recommend Tax Defense Network. Tax Defense Network provided great customer service, knowledgeable, and experienced team of professionals.I can not say enough positive things about them. They helped us tremendously in resolving our tax issue with the IRS. — Leticia , Morten
I called this organization to get advise on my tax debt and am very pleased with the outcome! I was slammed by the IRS with a wage levy and was devastated, not knowing where to turn or how to resolve my situation. The staff here are amazingly caring and extremely professional. I cannot praise this company enough! I highly recommend contacting this company if you are experiencing tax issues. Thank you for saving me Tax Defense! *** ***** you are the best! — Carla W., Streamwood
Thanks to everyone involved in my case. They got me into a resolution that I think will work for me. I would recommend Tax Defense Network, Inc. to anyone with Tax problems, They did a great job. — Walter F., Metairie
These people are the best at what they do, I was so bsd at keeping paperwork for taxes.the IRS was coming down on me in a bad way and if I didn't do something quick I was gonna owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. I gotta hold of the tax defense network and they assured me that they could help me with my IRS problem and that's exactly what they done, I know own nothing to the IRS. Outstanding job — David J., Fairfield
Tax Defense was very helpful throughout the process of dealing with the IRS and our tax problems.A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.I wish i called years before.They deliever on their promise — Jeffery R., New Gloucester
overjoyed with the news.Had a huge problems with the IRS call tax defense settle the problem in couple weeks.Can sleep at night. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. PS ***** ********* thank you a gret person. — Jessie C., Northeast
Tax Defense helped me to avoid a garnishment of my wages, as well as get positive results with the IRS. I would recommend them for anyone in my situation. — Gayle J., Baltimore
The team was very efficient and truthful from the very beginning. No miracles were promised but they correctly summed up my situation, my goals and their expectations prior to commitment. They were also very flexible on payment terms and did not require any substantial investment to begin work. I'm very pleased with the resolution and I also had to expedite the timeline on them unexpectedly and they accommodated with no issues. — Roy E., Bowie
They were professional and very informative.... I would recommend their services...before you tried to struggle thru on your own.....get professional advice.. — Teresa W., Ft. Washington
Case handled by ***** *****. Very helpful and on top of things. Kept us informed and helped us work out a huge IRS debt. Saved us thousands! Wonderful firm. — Jim L., Pasadena
I contacted Tax Defense Network, Inc. (TDN) to help me solve a tax burden I inadvertently created and had no idea how to resolve. I was completely stressed about it because I had a bad experience with a similar company and was very apprehensive on contacting anyone about it,bur I knew I had to get this resolved. When I contacted TDN I was encouraged to do some research on the company as well as looking them up here with the BBB. I felt a little better but it wasn't until I met the tax professional that took care of my dilemma for me. She walked me through the process and spent as much time as I needed to understand and resolve this burden. TDN took a situation that was overwhelmingly stressful for me and because of their professionalism, experience and patience with me TDN completely eliminated all of my stress and resolved this burden for me. Every time I was on the phone with TDN I felt like I had all of the time in the world I was never rushed nor placed on hold for long periods of time. I thank and appreciate TDN for their professionalism, diligence, level of communication and patience with a stressed out client far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend TDN to everyone in need of professional tax services. A+++ in my opinion. — Benjamin P, Solomons
I found the tax team on the internet and had read some of the reviews and after many nights of not getting any sleep (due to tax problems) I posted on there website a little of my situation, and within seconds they called me on the phone. Within just a short couple weeks they had the let lifted from my employer, and had inlightened me on a few things that my accountant has been doing wrong. I am so glad to have met everyone of the tax team of Tax Defense Network and I am very thankful for all of the hard work that was done for me. I definitely will recommend them to anyone I hear with tax problems. ******* *** **** — Denise H., Jamaica Plain
When the "chips are down" and you feel as though you've lost or are losing everything . . . and then you get one of those certified letters from the IRS. What do you do? You know there are lots of scheisters out there willing to exploit your desperation . . . and some of them begin to contact you. But I needed help and went searching. Thank God, I found Tax Defense Network! I am an intelligent , well-read, educated person, but accounting, record-keeping, and taxes are for me a great weakness. I can manage a department to get me the financial reports and data I need, but need help at home to manage my own checkbook, let alone go back and correct errors to straighten things out with the IRS. Tax Defense Network worked with me and was my spokesperson with the IRS. Through the work of Tax Defense Network, my nightmare came to an end. I have an arrangement I can live with and have saved thousands of dollars. I now trust them because I have seen what they can do. My test questions in making a recommendation of this sort is based on whether or not I can answer yes to the following question: "Would you recommend them, to your own mother?" My answer is an unequivocal "Yes!" Tax Defense Network is an excellent service run by experts you can trust and who will help you -- even when you don't have the ability to help yourself. Thank you, Tax Defense Network! God Bless You! *** ****** ********* ******* ** — Ron B., Newton Centre
TDN was extremely helpful to us as we worked our way through a negotiation with the IRS. ***** ****** was the case manager we worked with and he was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and thorough throughout the process. His advice was always spot on as he took us through step-by-step in what can be a confusing and nerve-wracking process of dealing with the IRS. We cannot recommend ***** and TDN highly enough! — John M., Somerville
I would like you to know that the Tax Defense Network is a legitimate resource company that will help you with your tax related issues and the IRS. I tried another agency first that always has commercials on tv. Needless to say this was a total waste of my hard earned money. They required endless amounts of documentation that kept getting "misplaced" on their end. I finally located Tax Defense Network who walked me through each and every step that was required. I was even given my own Tax Analyst, ***** *********, who was assigned to my case and put me at ease during a difficult time. ******* reassurance that TDN would use all resources available to them, if neccessary, to help resolve my tax issue was very comforting. Because of TDN's hard work I was able to have the IRS lien lifted on my propertry, which allowed me to refinance my home and save hundreds of dollars a month. I strongly recommend TDN for assisting you with your tax issues. — Eric, Fitshburg
Tax Defense Network saved my life! They were able to quickly reverse a levy the IRS placed on my paycheck and to arrange a payment plan for me. The were very easy to work with and paying for their services was easy. They worked with me to work out a plan I could afford. I would recommend them to anyone faced with an IRS problem! — Jean B., Bloomfield Hills
Very professional and prompt. I would highly recomend their service for a positive resolution. — Vern, Detroit
I encountered an unfortunate tax problem where I owed the IRS a substantial tax liability. Working with a local attorney proved unfavorable. I contacted Tax Defense Network and right away they went to working on my case. They kept me informed every step of the way, responded to my phone calls and questions promptly. Tax Defense was very professional in the discharge of their services on my behalf. I am 100% satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone that has an IRS Tax Problem. Thank Tou TAx Defense Network. — diamante1, Clinton Township
This company in a very timely manner was able to get over $20000 in liens removed that shouldn't have been there in the first place. I would recommend Tax Defense Network to anyone in a heart beat. — Bob B., Hartland
I have had a very positive experience with Tax Defense Network. All reps were patient, polite and understanding of my IRS debt situation. They resolved the issue in a short amount of time. I was always able to get in touch with them and they returned missed phone calls right away. I am very pleased with the settlement they were able to get for me. — Sheila S., Cedar
When we married my husband had been dealing with IRS issues for years. I contacted Tax Defense Network and everything was handled efficiently and quickly. When we submitted all of our paperwork TDN told us it would be a matter of months before we heard back from the IRS but it was only a matter of weeks before everything was resolved! Tax Defense Network took a burden from our lives and we are so thankful. We would recommend them to anyone — Cindy W., Ocean Springs
I was very impressed with this company. They help me with my tax situation I have no stress now with the IRS taking my personal stuff thank you **** ******* — Timothy G., Ozark
We worked with **** *******, she was extermely professional, and continued to work on our case until a postive outcome was issued. We highly recommend Tax defense network, and especially **** *******. She won't stop until she gets results. — sherre M., Whitehall
After ten years of geting nowhere with I.R.S. I heard a raido ad about Tax Resolution I called and in less than six months they had my problems solved. I am glad I made that call. — Craig D., Ralston
After lengthy research for a buisness that could help us with our tax problems we had let go for several years we picked Tax Defense Network,which I felt was best for us to work with even though I got a lot of negative responses from friends and family if they were legit or not I trusted in them and believe me we weren't ever sorry for hiring them. From the very beginning they were wonderful people to work with,relieved our stress and worrys over the whole situation we got ourselves into. I would most definatly recomend Tax Defense to any one that needs help in their tax problems as they would NEVER be sorry! I want to thank everyone at Tax Defense for a job well done.Thank you also * , was great working with you.I can't say enough good things about Tax Defense ******** — Patricia/Lenny W., Alda
After dealing with the IRS for about 2 years - the negative comments and somewhat "threatening attitude" we felt that we needed to reach out to someone who would actually be on our side. Not knowing where to begin, we started online searches. Tax Defense Network came up as good reviews and positive recommendations (not to mention great standings with the BBB). As of today, our case was settled to our complete satisfaction. Thank you Tax Defense Network (and our case worker) for doing such a wonderful job. — Lori J., North Las Vegas
New Jersey
My experience with all personnel I dealt with at Tax Defense Network was great. Everyone was very thorough in reviewing my issues and responding to my questions and concerns. They are very competent and professional. It was definitely a positive experience for me. — Maureen P., Toms River
I am a small business owner and had to suffer at the hands of a CPA , who wanted 50% share of the Business and put me through a quarter of non payment of 941( PayrollTaxes) in the 3 rd Quarter of 2006. This penalty and amount totalled to $17000.00+!I got the Lien/Levy Notice and I approached Tax Defense Network and guess what ? Thes folks worked their magic and got the Penalties waived and case resolved within 30 days!! Recomend use this company as they are very professional and will deliver as promised ! — Alex C., South Plainfield
I would like to explain my experience with others who are currently is a situation with the IRS where they are behind on their taxes and feel that they have no hope of getting their taxes resolved. Whether you have Liens, Garnishments, Levies and the IRS knocking at your door like I did. Take a deep breathe because there is a resolution to your problems with the IRS and The Company Who I chose to help me was Tax Defense Network Located Jacksonville Florida. I am a *** ****** Resident. Regardless of where yo u live you are dealing with the Federal Government, so hiring an out of state company didn't matter. I was only looking to lift a huge burden which I created. My Problems started in 2006 when I became very ill and in and out of the hospital every other week. I had lost my job because I was too sick to work. My 1st priority was my health, so filing taxes for 2006-2011 had to take a back seat which meant no filing taxes for 2006-2011. When I became well enough to file for those years I did but that was not until 2011, which put me way behind causing Late Return Filings, Penalties and Balance dues to the IRS Penalties for late filings, accruing Interest and Penalties which left me in debt with the IRS for back taxes. When you add my total debt incurred in came to over $40,000. I was in and out of the hospital I had lost my job and felt stuck with a debt I could newer repay over my life time. So I took the first step and called Tax Defense Network and explained my situation. They made me feel a sense of relief right away. I first started with **** **** who came up with an plan to resolve my problem and then was assigned a Tax Analyst (****** ****), Tax Attorney(******** ********) who has special licenses where he is able to directly deal with the IRS on your behalf and Fight for results he was extremely knowledgeable regarding tax codes and tax law. My Tax Attorney(******** ********) along with my Tax Analyst (****** ****)put me at ease showing me they were serious about coming to a resolution with the IRS. My Tax Analyst(*** ****) kept me in the loop with constant phone calles giving me Play by Play updates. I didn't even have to call them. ******** ******** and ****** **** played the most important roles in solving my Tax Problem. They are over acheivers and go above and beyond their call of duty. I normally don't write reviews for companies but this was different for me, I felt that it was my obligation to let others in a situation with the IRS and have lost all hope which is exactly where I was, there is a resolution and Tax Defense Network was my answer and millions of others answers, but you have to make the initial call. Everything else will be handle by them and never doubt you case is pushed aside because that is not how The Tax Defense Network works. Thanks to ****** ****, ******** ********. I am happy to have found the Tax Defense Network and Happy to Have worked with such Knowledgeable Professionals. When I go to bed at night I no longer worry and that is the greatest feeling ever!!!!! Sincerely, ******* ** ******* **** ******* ** ***** — Michael Kettler, Hackettstown
the tax defense network did a great job with my case. I felt that the took a personal touch with dealing with my situation . It took a while to resolve thing but it was well worth the wait . Money well spent! Thank you ****** and the whole team! — Arthur J., Jersey City
New York
Being a little skeptical at the onset was an understatement. As it turns out the TDN was a large part of a positive outcome. Glad I called them. — Ron R., New Rochelle
I highly recommend Tax Defense Network for any or all your tax problems. They were able to resolve my tax issue with 100% percent to my satisfaction. I would recommend the Department of Treasury hire them to work with people to resolve their tax issues. — Ronald M., Brooklyn
I was extremely satisfied with choosing of Tax Defense Network . From start to finish they all were very understanding , and loyal to my case. I was always treated with with respect, and understanding. Everyone involved in my case made me see that there is a light at the end of ever dark tunnel. In the final steps of my case ***** * ***** was there to anwser all my questions ,and keep me reassured that things were going ok. She stood by me all the way while she walked me through each step of the process .For that I'm very gratefull. Thankyou to all the people at Tax Defense Network. I will absolutely recommend your services in the future to anyone in need. Sincerely, *****. — Linda L., Central Square
North Carolina
I would recommend these guys to any one wanting to take care of there tax problems they did what they said they do. — Chris H., Swannanoa
All the people that worked with me at Tax Defense we're kind, courteous, professional..and I would highly recommend them to anyone.. ****** ******* — Dwight S., Mount Airy
After 12 years dealing with the IRS and getting no where, I called Tax Defense Network. They were able to get this tax problem cleared up in 6 months. If you have a tax problem, Tax Defence Network is the way to go! — Wayne S., Mooresville
At first, I was leery of the decision my husband made to hire Tax Defense Network. We were in what felt like deep water financially, and I could not understand why he would pay such money to have someone do something that I thought we could do. The trouble was, we were not doing it. we felt bowled over in life and swarmed with things taking up any time we had to learn how to deal with the irs to help insure a favorable and equitable agreement. In addition to this were the LONG wait times and transferred calls with more wait time that I needed to endure anytime I did call them. Seeing TDN fight for us the way they did is amazing. We came upon a crunch time with impending wages garnishment. They fought tooth and nail to get everything in ahead of that deadline and it worked! Without reservation, I now recommend Tax Defense Network! — Wendy K., Raleigh
They were great! Did all they said they were going to do and more. I would highly recomend to anyone.. — Carroll W., Bedford Heights
I am very pleased with the way Tax Defense Network took care of my issues with the IRS. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone who is in need of getting they're tax problem resolved in a timely matter. I am looking forward to getting back on track with the tax issues and moving forward in my life. I now will not have worry about my tax problems. Thank You TDN for your great work especially those who took care of me and helped me through the process. — Andrew P., Brooklyn
I can not tell you how wonderful the Team from Tax Defence Net Work, Inc. was to work with. They are more than professional! Never intimidating, they did nothing but give encouragement. To me they are "The Best". I could not believe how organized they were with all the clients they must have. They are the best of the best! — Donna K., Sunbury
Tax Defense Network helped me greatly! They are easy to work with, are always available for concerns, and explain things to a layman with great patience. This is not just some company that files paperwork that you could file yourself, there are actual tax lawyers on hand- making them the real deal. Tax defense saved me $80,000 on my past tax debt . Hooray! — Jason K., Massillon
Tax Defense Network has been a life saver for my husband and I. They were very patient with us gathering all the needed information and I was very impressed with how quickly they resolved our issue once we provided the required information. I could not be happier with the results Tax defense Network produced and I would strongly suggest the use of their services to anyone who is currently having tax issues. — Angie B., Reynoldsburg
My experience with ***** ******** and the Tax Defence Network has been nothing but positive. ******* professionalism started with our first phone call and never ended through out the entire process. Her communication skills were amazing. I have worked with other companies that once they have you, it's over, you never hear from them. This was not the case with *****. I never felt out of the loop or that I should request more information. Tax defence network worked out an amazing deal with the IRS that I can live with month to month. I am so very pleased with every detail concerning The Tax Defence Network and ***** ********. She treated me with respect and dignity throughout the process and has since checked with me to make sure I was doing ok. ***** ******** is a true professional and an amazing representitve to work for you. — Robert M., Hilliard
Tax defense network did a great job getting me a resonable resolution for my case.Really kept me informed on what was going on as my case moved along.Great people to have on your side.And very friendly didnt make me feel like i was in the wrong just helped get it all straight.Thank you ****. — Karla G., Jenks
No complaints, This has truely been a blessing, you releived alot of stress, no more worries about IRS, no more worries about if my check is going to be garnished. Pretty soon i will be experiencing finanicial freedom i really did not think that was ever going to happen. The future looks bright for me now I can go forward. THANK YOU!! — Anthony J., Milwaukee
In the world of fear and loathing that is the IRS, I was fortunate to have chosen TAX DEFENSE NETWORK to support me through the mine field. The assisstance provided was perfection. Consolation, guidance and support were excellent. To say that they know their stuff is to acknowledge fact. They were the best possible help I could have chosen under the circumstances. They went the extra mile. My goals were successful thanks to TAX DEFENSE!! — Richard G., Philadelphia
South Carolina
Tax Defense Network has been punctual from the very first time I contacted them for help. I have been kept informed of the process of establishing an Installment Agreement and the progress of Tax Defense Network, Inc. in coordinating that agreement. They were successful in the negotiation with the IRS to my satisfaction. I highly recommend them for their professionalism. — John O., Pawleys Island
Tax Defense Network is an outstanding company to work with. I highly recommend them for your tax needs. My analyst was professional, courteous and had a true understanding of my issue and worked to resolve in a very timely manner. The payment plan is affordable and they will work with you on payment options. It was truly a welcomed relief to know that they were there for me! I highly recommend them to anyone that needs assistance in resolving past tax issues. — Anna B., Belton
First, I want to say I was scared and skeptical and did check with BBB before I actually contacted Tax Defense, but I did it and from the first phone call I felt so relieved. Their confidence of relieving from this IRS burden rubbed off on me. I was still scared and spent many sleepness nights worrying but contacting them was the best thing I could have done. I feel like a 100 pounds is off my shoulders so I want to thank Tax Defense. They even told me that I can always call them years from now if I have any questions or need advise and that is another reason why I would advise people to put their trust in them as I did. A special thank you to ***** *****. — Sherri, Rock Hill
TDN took a lot of pressure off of me and got to the heart of the problem.. The IRS had me going from Department to Department with no results. TDN is effecient , informative, and thorough. I highly recommend them. — David R ., Columbia
Tax Defense Network has been extremely helpful and professional in dealing with my tax issues. I highly recommend them and will continue to use their services. — Mike G., Springville
I highly recommend this service. They were quick to direct me and always on top of any mail or filing. Thanks to them, I can say that I have a life back and I am sure that if I had tried it on my own it would of been a far worse outcome. — Holly D., Chattanooga
I was very happy with the service. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude. Tax Defense Network removed the stress and fear during my tax dilemma. I would recommend. If you provide the information requested in a timely manner , tax defense network will act in your best interest. Thanks **** and crew. — Sheryl, Dallas
They did a terrific job. — Cynthia B., Bells
The folks at tax defense network as far as I'm concerned have done a marvelous job. They kept me well informed and did exactly what they told me they would do. They didn't make me a promise that they couldn't keep, instead they asked me what I expected to get out of this. I told them I just wanted my life back and to get this worry off my mind. That's exactly what they did, and actually did a better job than I expected. As far as I'm concerned if you have a tax problem these are the people to contact. At first there's quite a bit of work involved on the customers part after that they take the ball and run with it. Trust me you need an attorney to deal with the IRS or they will screw you. If you call them and are still skeptical you can have them give you my number and I will tell you this same thing. Good luck *** ***** — Joe A., League City
I recommend Tax Defense Network, Inc. to anyone that needs to get results with the IRS. They got results for us and it was better than we expected. — J.B., Missouri City
I was behind in my obligations to IRS and I called TDN to help me reach a equitable solution. The tax personnel there immediately began to work on my tax problem and quickly reached an agreement with IRS and an affordable repayment plan. I really appreciate their effective commnication process and the courtesy they showed me. Would not hesitate to recommend TDN to anyone that is faced with an insurmountable tax issue and need quick efffective relief. — Earl C. , Hewitt
My situation started back in 2003 when i was overwhellmed with back child support as well as current and new child support orders this put me behind on my taxes knowing that i was not filling my yearly taxes simply cause i was not able to pay i made decent money but chose not to fix my withholdings which cause me to end up oweing the irs quite a bit of money well over 20,000 well as you can guess it caught up with me in a big way the mail seemed to never stop and finaly that dreaded knock at the door the irs rep had came to my house in person needless to say i was very nervous and knew i needed to do somthing fast so i called tax defense and i can honestly say it took less than 90 days to come up with a solution that i was satisfied with they communicated everything clearly so that i understood how the irs operates and gave me several choices on what was best for me TDN i can say is the real deal if your having problems with the IRS dont hesitate call TAX DEFENSE NETWORK TODAY!!! — Steve S., Irving
I was totaly satisfied with Tax Defense Network, specialy with **** *******, he was curtious,business like through the whole process of solving my IRS problems,told me what he needed from me,and was available 24 hous a day.He got right on my tax case and had it solved in a timely manner. I would recomend this company to anyone,if you choose another company in my opinion your are making a big mistake. Great job to all the employes of Tax Defense Network!!!!!!!! — Mark B., Amarillo
after a lifetime of hidding and being "scared" tax defense really help me out, my case manager was the greatest! thanks keli foe all you did. — wylie S., Big Springs
I only wish that I had enough room to express my "Complete Gratitude" for the quality of service Tax Defense Network did for me but I'd like to share in as much detail as possible what they did for me and how AMAZING they are. Before going to Tax Defense Network, I tried another Tax Settlement Company who ended up taking my money and not moving me any more forward with my tax problem. After researching, online, Tax Resolution Companies, there was no other choice but to go with Tax Defense Network. They were the only company I found sporting a AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau. From phone call 1 they spoke to me with "Non-Judgment..." Were "Meticulous in listening to the detailed account of how I got in the situation I got in with the IRS as well as in how and what they'd be doing to resolve the issue..." "Tenacious-with following up with the IRS and bringing the information back to me from those communications but... MOST IMPORTANTLY considering the state of our economy right now, Sympathetically Patient - In helping to schedule or reschedule payment arrangements as to how I could afford it." As far as how I've been educated, one of the things that makes us America is our role as a Leader in Business Dealings; quality of the product, promptness with the delivery of the service, but the ethics of doing the best job possible and Tax Defense Network is a "True Role Model," for how it should be done. Thank-You Mr. Tyler Jones & Tax Defense Network for helping me to continue to live my American Dream! — RCP, Austin
This people are amazing , if you're in trouble with the IRS , you need to call tax defense .,they help me with my situation ,I strongly recommend tax defense . — Edgar De la rosa, Seagoville
These guys did a first rate job. The IRS had mistakenly charged me over $30,000 for my 2004 tax when it really should have been $750. All my contacts and efforts directly with the IRS went no where. Finally the IRS levied my bank accounts and wiped them out. Tax Defense Network was able to not only get my money returned (in less than a week) but fixed the problem. They called me every few weeks even when there was nothing new to tell me they stayed in touch through the whole process. This is the real deal they are everything they claim to be. — Jim B., Houston
I feel that the TaxDefense Network did an awesome job getting me the resolution I requested. In the beginning it was hard to contact the representative that had our case. ** ****** was great in the end. His responses was always prompt. — Gwendolyn M., Shertz
I wanted to extend a very hard earned thank you to Tax Defense Network and *** **** ***** for their professional service that was provided to me during my Business tax issues. **** and his team were very responsive and always answered my phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner. Everyone was knowledgable and gave every effort to the outcome which was more than what I asked for. I would reccommend this company and *** ***** to anyone in a bind and in need of "Tax Offense". You guys were geat! Thank you — Brian H., San Antonio
from the first day that I started to work with tax defense network i got the feeling that I was there number 1 client. veryone should be so lucky. this company did a great job at stopping the IRS from taking verything that i own. I was given a fair settlement to abide by all do to the work of this company. if I ever have this problem again this is the company for me. — Thomas S., Conroe
I have never been more pleased with the treatment, help and professionalism that I have received. They have helped me more than I could even imagine. — John R., Hillsboro
My husband and I must be the most satisfied clients' Tax Defense Network has ever had. We first contacted TDN requesting assistance on a balance due to the IRS which we were struggling to pay. The amount kept increasing with interest and penalties and truly, we were falling behind. Our expectation was to be able to work out a reasonable payment plan with the IRS and safeguard our assets. TDN requested our transcripts from the IRS and noticed discrepancies in our previous tax returns, which lead to the review of the past 3 (years) tax returns. My husband has been working in overseas therefore we are eligible for certain foreign earned income exclusions that were filed incorrectly by our ex-tax preparation professional. When it was all said and done, not only we no longer owed the IRS any money but we had a vast refund coming to us. In addition, *** ********* is truly the most professional person we have ever dealt with. She is respectful, professional, knowledgeable, excellent customer service skills and she kept in constant communication with us. If I did not know better, I would think we were her only clients. I personally feel that *** and her team went above and beyond to help us and to ensure all the documentation was completed correctly. I must say that *** and her team totally exceeded our exceptions. They really know their stuff!! — L and J.I ,, Houston
I am so grateful that Tax Defense Network was able to take care of my problem with the State of California . I would recommend the Tax Defense Network to handle your tax issues. — Carol L., Toquerville
Tax Defense Network, exceeded my expectations! I feel that the end results and value I received for the fees charged were well worth the price. I would recommend Tax Defense Network to anyone with an IRS / tax challenge. ***** ******* — Scott P., Annandale
TDN did an outstanding job negotiating with the IRS on our behalf. They alleviated the stress from our family and kept in close communications to keep us up to date. **** ******* was extremely pleasant to work and always followed up to keep us in the loop. I would recommend TDN to any family or individual who is dealing with the IRS with no resolve. — Ellen L., Sterling
i had tax problems going all the way to the 1990's and i called tax defense network and they made it clear from the very start when i called that answered every question i had and would call me back if my tax adviser wasn't available he would call me back right away they stopped my tax lien the same day i can not say enough about this company and how they save me thousands of dollars in fees and penalties from the IRS they say and do exactly what they advertise great job and thanks again — DOUG M., Fredricksburg
These guys are great. Will help you in any way and answer all your questions. They keep you regularly informed on the status of your case from day one. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs back taxes help. — Clifton H., Fairfax
The Tax Defense Network was a big help in aiding me in sorting out my past tax issues. **** *******, my tax analyst, was especially helpful and attentive as he explained all of my options and addressed all of my concerns. I would reccomed **** and his team to anybody that needs help with thier tax issues. Thanks! — James T., Seattle
I was very impressed by the Tax Defense Network. They were very friendly and helpful and kept in touch with me via email and/or phone frequently. They were able to work with the IRS on my behalf to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with the IRS. — Linda J., Sequim
I am so grateful to Tax Defense Network and **** ***** with whom I worked directly. As soon as I talked with members at TDN I felt secure about going forward with the resolution they sought for me with the IRS. I felt relieved that what would take place was legal and would be binding. I knew that I would not have been able to deal directly with the IRS as the information they gave me was inconsistent and threatening, I was so happy when, after 6 months with TDN, my Social Security check came without the garnishment. I knew that resolution was on its way! **** has always been so respectful, available when I contacted him, and patient with my questions. I am relieved, more than satisfied with the service, indeed, truly happy. Thank you Tax Defense Network! — Susan M., Edmonds
TDN has been very helpful. They took care of everything, stayed in touch with me on a regular basis to let me know what was happening. They explained everything and took all the time necessary to answer all my questions. Huge burden and stress off my shoulders. — L.S., Walla Walla
West Virginia
Briefly ---- The tax defense network resolved my tax issues. I would highly recommend their service . — William S., Morgantown
They did what they said, when they said. Very accommodating for the fee arrangement. Super easy to work with. While I don't think dealing with IRS problems can ever fall into the realm or pleasant, the TDN at least, made it tolerable. Really took a load off my mind! — Samson W., Martinsburg
My wife and I are well please with the service we received at Tax Defense Network. — John S., Green Field
I found Tax Defense Network to be an extremely professional company to work with. Everyone there was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was treated with the utmost respect and I felt that they genuinely cared about me and my circumstances. I highly recommend them. — Barb K., Port Washington
When I received a communication from the IRS asserting that I owed them a staggering amount of money, I couldn't believe it. As it turned out, there was a discrepancy due to a simple mistake, but it was clear that this was a mess I couldn't get out of by myself. There were a number of firms that my husband looked at before deciding on calling Tax Defense Network. I feel very lucky - I don't imagine that these companies all provide an equal level of service, and TDN was a great choice. Their work was very thorough and I felt that the payment they asked in return was totally reasonable. From my first phone contact with them, I was put at ease. They kept me in the loop at all stages of the process. I hope never to be in such circumstances again, but I would not think twice, I would call TDN again if the need ever arose. — MJ, Oregon
Back in September of 2012 I received a letter from the IRS informing us that my 2010 tax return was filed with errors. I never had this happen to me and really did not know where to turn until I found out about Tax Defense Network, Inc. Communiciating with the IRS can be a very intimidating and stressfull experience. The wonderful people at Tax Defense Network worked for me and the IRS to set up an affordable repayment plan and they are also in the process of removing penalities from the balance owed. Ms. ****** ******** of Tax Defense Network was assigned to my case. She was prompt, efficient and extremely professional in presenting my case to the IRS. I highly recommend Tax Defense Network, Inc to anyone with tax issues. — Keith L., Oostburg
a pleasure towork with!!!! did a great job. — John M., Pewaukee
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