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Protecting and Defending Taxpayer Rights

How We Help Taxpayers

Our mission is to protect the rights of individuals and businesses to help them achieve the best possible outcome and results. Tax code is complex, and there are many programs, policies, and measures that everyday people may not be aware of. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are informed of these options and can leverage this information to improve your situation.

How It Works
Review Your Situation
Assess your current situation, including ability/inability to pay the amount the IRS claims is owed, and how to proceed if the IRS has sent a letter.
Learn about Options and Programs
Review options and programs available to taxpayers, and see how each may apply to your unique circumstances.
Choose Your Course of Action
Choose the course of action that provides immediate help and gets you the best possible outcome.
Get Your Situation Resolved
You can choose to resolve on your own, or utilize the expertise of specialists who will negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf.
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We've served more than 2.4 million people all across America.
Learn how people in similar circumstances have overcome their hardships and successfully put their concerns behind them.
“When you receive a letter in the mail, you tend to lose a lot of sleep and sometimes don't even open the envelope! I've had that experience and after making contact, I have to tell you, I slept better. They certainly know how to work through the issues and tame the 900 pound gorilla! ” – Steve B.
“...from the first phone call I felt so relieved. Their confidence of relieving me of this burden rubbed off on me. I was still scared and spent many sleepless nights worrying but contacting them was the best thing I could have done. I feel like 100 pounds are off my shoulders so I want to thank you. They even told me that I can always call them years from now if I have any questions or need advice and that is another reason why I would advise people to put their trust in them as I did.” – Sherri
“I have to tell you that I was so nervous going through this process but my specialist walked me through the steps and explained everything in detail. She was able to have a levy on my wages released the same day we talked. Trust them, they are the real thing! I can't thank you enough.” – Joel P.
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