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Bank Levy - Get IRS Tax Levy Relief!

If you are worried about, or faced with, a bank levy, the Tax Relief Center can help you. Take a moment to respond to a few simple questions so that we may connect you immediately to experienced tax relief professionals and lawyers in your area - professionals who have already proven successful at removing countless bank levies.

Get a free tax relief consultation from tax relief professionals and lawyers to prevent potential bank levies, or remove existing bank levies. Get started by using a simple form:

Bank Levy Assistance

A bank levy occurs when the IRS orders your bank to seize the funds in your account and send them to the IRS as payment for back taxes owed. When taxpayers ignore IRS warnings or wait too long to respond to IRS collection letters, they run the real risk of having their bank account frozen and funds removed. Regardless of your tax situation, don't wait for IRS collection and enforcement action to get more serious. Get tax relief now for bank levy assistance.

A Levy is a Serious Matter

The current troubled economy has caused more and more people to deal with rising costs, mounting bills and even something called an IRS levy. Unlike the kind of levy that prevents water from flooding and ruining property, a tax levy allows the IRS to seize your property as a result of unpaid taxes.

How far-reaching and impacting could not paying your taxes be on your life when the Internal Revenue Service has the power to levy or take your property? This very serious legal action by the IRS endangers all of your property and rights to it. Specifically, a tax levy potentially permits the Internal Revenue Service to:

If you receive an IRS document or form called a "Notice of Intent to Levy" then, time is of the essence in which to respond. By law the notice must arrive at least thirty (30) days before the levy or seizure of your property occurs.

Regardless of your tax situation, don't wait for IRS collection and enforcement action to get more serious. Get tax relief now and tax levy assistance.

See how tax relief specialists can help you. Begin by requesting a free tax debt relief consultation from tax relief professionals and lawyers to prevent potential wage or bank tax levies, or to remove other existing IRS levies. Get started by using a simple form.

Know Your Rights

Receiving an IRS "Notice of Intent to Levy" can be a grave event especially when the notice can show up in your mailbox or at your front door by either personal hand delivery or through certified mail. Or worse, the IRS levy notice can even be delivered - with all its potentially embarrassing implications - at your place of business!

You have thirty days from the date of receiving the levy notice to respond, fill out and mail Form 12153 to request a hearing (one hearing per tax year). Thirty days can pass very quickly, particularly with regard to a complex legal matter, and most people may be unsure of their rights and how to proceed. Dealing with the IRS and all of its forms can be a daunting and intimidating experience unless you know what you're doing or have the help of an expert whose business it is to provide tax relief.

Get your free tax debt relief consultation from tax relief professionals and lawyers to prevent potential IRS levies, or remove existing tax levies. Get started by using a simple form:

Tax Experts - Help With The IRS

Without knowledge of all your legal rights, you like many taxpayers faced with a levy, may be unfamiliar with what recourse you have and how to proceed. Perhaps you didn't know that you may seek innocent spouse relief, present alternative collection options such as installment agreements or what is called an offer in compromise.

As a taxpayer, you also have the right to challenge whether you are even liable for the taxes described in the IRS notice. At this point, you may decide to pursue a hearing and further choose to contest a decision made at that hearing (in the United States Tax Court or at a federal district court). However, performing these legal tasks is typically not advisable because they can be beyond the scope or ability of most who are not tax experts such as attorneys or lawyers.

When it comes to your most valuable assets such as your home, car, wages and bank or savings accounts, it is wise to take the best course of action to protect your possessions. If you try to defend yourself without tax expert help and are unsuccessful at opposing your tax levy, the IRS will most likely proceed to take your property. Some property is exempt from being levied but the list is small.

Free Tax Relief Options

Whatever tax situation you are facing - IRS levy, tax lien, wage garnishment or back taxes, don't wait for IRS collection and enforcement action to take action. Get tax relief help today

Request your Free Tax Debt Relief Consultation from tax relief professionals and lawyers to stop potential tax levies, or to help remove existing levies. Get started by using a simple form.

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