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Guide to IRS Tax Debt Relief

IRS Tax Problems

If you are like many Individuals and families across the country, you may be experiencing tax problems. Whether you owe back taxes to the IRS or need to stop or remove a wage garnishment, tax lien, or bank levy, the good news is that you do have tax relief options available to you that, can not only help put your IRS problems behind you, but quite possibly save thousands of dollars as well. To find out how you can get protect your legal rights and assets and get relief from IRS debt, take a moment now to request your Free Tax Relief Consultation And Settlement Savings Estimate from an experienced tax relief specialist.

Help for IRS Tax Lien
When you owe federal taxes to the IRS or state taxes to an individual state, a tax lien may be filed as an enforcement measure against your name. This tax lien is a public record, which will appear on your credit report, making it very hard for you to sell property or secure a loan for a home, car, or other need. Continue for help with a federal tax lien or state tax lien.

Stop or Remove IRS Tax Levy (Bank or Other Assets)
A bank levy is an aggressive collection measure used by the IRS to collect on back taxes owed. Though a bank levy, your bank account may be frozen, with the funds in your account forwarded to the IRS. Bank levies typically happen because taxpayers ignore or wait too long to respond to IRS collection efforts. Continue for help with an IRS levy or stopping a levy

Stop or Remove Wage Garnishment
A wage garnishment occurs when the IRS sends an official letter to your employer requiring your employer to withhold a large percentage of your paycheck and forward it to the IRS for back taxes owed. Continue for help in avoiding or releasing a wage garnishment.

Help for IRS Payroll Tax Delinquency
When employers fail to properly withhold taxes on behalf of employees, the IRS may seize company assets or the assets of the company's owner or owners. This could include bank accounts, property, or other possessions. Get tax relief assistance now for payroll tax delinquency.

IRS Collection Letters

The IRS follows a set protocol for contacting taxpayers, pursuing taxpayers, and taking strong enforcement action against taxpayers - such as wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, and more! That's why it is a serious mistake to ignore IRS collection notices and letters.

If you have received a tax collection letter or notice from the IRS, the Tax Relief Center can connect you to an experienced tax relief specialist or attorney serving your area - a professional who understands your circumstances and can go to work for you to come up with the most favorable tax relief solution for you.

It's important to understand that tax problems never go away - they only get worse and more stressful over time, unless you take action to exercise your legal rights to get the tax relief you are entitled to. Here's a partial list of some common IRS collection letters:

CP 88 - Delinquent Return Refund Hold
This notifies taxpayers that the IRS is holding their refund until a tax return has been filed or an acceptable explanation is given for why it was not filed.

CP 90/CP 297 - Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
This notice indicates that the taxpayer still has a balance due on their account and that the IRS intends to place a levy on specific assets unless the taxpayer takes action within a 30 day period. Read more about CP 90/CP297

CP 297A - Notice of Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing

CP 297A is a letter notifying you that the IRS has issued a Levy against your assets. This allows them to seize your property (i.e., wages, real estate, bank accounts). Additionally, this notice informs you that the IRS is not giving you a pre-levy hearing since you have requested one within the last two years. Read more about CP 297A

CP 91/CP 298 - Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
The CP 9/CP 298 letter notifies you that the IRS intends to issue a Levy against fifteen (15) percent your Social Security benefits as a result of unpaid taxes. You must pay the amount within 30 days from the date of the CP 91/298 notice or contact the IRS before they issue a levy (seize property). Read more about CP 91/CP 298

CP 503 - IMF 2nd Notice - Balance Due
This notice informs taxpayers that immediate action is required. This letter states that the IRS has written to the taxpayer that taxes are owed, but the taxpayer has not contacted the IRS to respond. The letter goes on to state that the taxpayer may be eligible to pay via an installment agreement or a payroll deduction agreement, but if the IRS doesn't receive a response, steps will be taken to collect monies owed.

CP 504 - Final Notice - Balance Due

CP 504 is a letter notifying you that the IRS intends to issue a Levy against your state tax refund because of an outstanding tax debt. The notice adds that the IRS is seeking other assets of yours to levy (i.e., wages, real estate, bank accounts). Additionally, the IRS may file or has filed a Federal Tax Lien, on your property allowing them to claim it as security against your tax debt. Read more about CP 504

CP 2000 - Notice Proposing Changes to the Taxpayers Return
This letter is sent to taxpayers when the IRS receives information from employers or other entities that doesn't match what was reported by the taxpayer on their return. Based on the new information that the IRS has, they then propose changes to the return and communicate to taxpayers what they may do if they agree or disagree with the proposed changes.

CP 521 - - Balance Due
The notice informs taxpayers that a payment is due and that penalties and interest have been assessed and will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full.

CP 523 - Notice of Default on Installment Agreement
Informs taxpayers that they have defaulted on their installment agreement. The notice also provides the reason for the default, describes the actions the IRS plans to take, and communicates what taxpayers can do to prevent the IRS from taking those enforcement actions. Read more about CP 523

Don't Ignore IRS Collection Letters and Notices. Know Your Legal Rights and Options.

Business Tax Problems

If you are self-employed or a business owner experiencing business tax or payroll tax problems, the Tax Relief Center can help you via experienced business tax relief attorneys and specialists in coordinating IRS settlements for businesses who are in need of protection and relief.

This could not only give you much needed peace of mind, but possibly save you thousands of dollars and protect your business bank account as well as the personal bank account of the business owner or owners. Businesses in need of tax relief can receive their tax relief options immediately with a free tax relief consultation.

Protect Yourself from IRS action such as garnishment, bank account levy, and liens:

Under-Reporting Taxes

When businesses under-report taxes, there is a serious risk that the IRS could take strong enforcement action, including a bank levy, tax lien, or other collection action. Keep in mind that the IRS has access to your bank account and the IRS can track your income and outgoing expenses and whether you are reporting your income accurately.

Failure to Pay Payroll Taxes

If you are a business owner who hasn't properly paid payroll taxes for employees, the IRS may pursue you vigorously through several strong collection and enforcement avenues including seizure of company assets, bank levies, tax liens and more! Payroll tax problems can lead to IRS payroll tax penalties, payroll tax liens, or payroll tax levies that can be very stressful and costly for businesses. That's why it is so important for business owners -- small and large businesses alike -- to get payroll tax issues resolved amicably with the IRS. This can be achieved through business tax attorneys who specialize in helping businesses resolve IRS tax problems through a negotiated tax settlement. These IRS tax settlements negotiated by tax settlement lawyers and tax settlement companies can help remove stress from business owners and, quite possibly, save a substantial amount of money as well.

Regardless of the financial condition of your business, do not ignore IRS collection letters and calls. Unfortunately, this is likely to make your situation go from bad to worse. Don't wait to utilize the tax relief options you are entitled to under law!

Do you have a question or concern about a business tax problem or potential IRS collection action or enforcement action?

You may be surprised to learn that you have legal business tax relief options available to you that could help remove stress, possibly save you thousands of dollars, and help protect your personal or business assets. From offers in compromise, to installment agreements, back tax settlements, and penalty abatement, your situation may be far better than you think.

There's no reason to delay getting the help you need now. See your business tax relief options, find out what business tax relief attorneys, ex-IRS agents, or tax relief firms can do to help you resolve your issue before it becomes far more damaging.

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