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Key Takeaway Regarding the Free Tax Debt Consultation

Many consumers who owe the IRS back taxes often are reluctant to deal with the matter because they may be confused, afraid, or even intimidated by the IRS. The fact is, when consumers who owe a serious amount of tax debt contact the IRS directly they are likely to speak with a frontline collector whose sole responsibility it is to get information from the consumer in order to collect on the debt from the consumer as quickly as possible - regardless of the taxpayer's situation, hardship, or extenuating circumstances.

A free tax consultation can help consumers understand their taxpayer rights under the law and – regardless if taxpayers choose to use the services of a tax relief professional – a tax case review, free of any obligation, can help to remove stress and provide a valuable overview of the legal tax debt relief options available. Finally, it is important for consumers to understand that, if you do owe back taxes to the IRS, don't ignore the matter and face the pain of a bank levy, tax lien, or wage garnishment.

Either contact the IRS or IRS tax advocate service on your own, or a tax resolution specialist can work directly with the IRS on your behalf to stop or prevent a wage garnish, tax lien, or levy, and resolve back taxes as quickly as possible.

Who Can Benefit from a Free Tax Relief Consultation?


For individuals and businesses who owe back taxes to the IRS and have an urgent need to stop or prevent IRS enforcement action and settle IRS tax debt for substantially less than the full amount owed, a free tax relief consultation can offer much needed relief and provide an overview of the taxpayer's legal tax relief options. All tax relief consultations come with no obligation and there is no charge to get an honest assessment of your current situation and the realistic IRS settlement options available to you.

About The Free Tax Relief Consultation

Even though a free tax consultation can take as little as 15-30 minutes, there are three basic steps in the free tax relief consultation and resolution:

  1. Debt analyst listens and understands the taxpayer's situation and needs – First, the tax resolution specialist needs to find out how much in back taxes the IRS claims that the taxpayer owes. In addition, it's important to gain an understanding of the situation that may have caused the tax debt and/or penalties and interest to accumulate. Also, it's vital for the IRS tax debt analyst to understand if there there any extenuating circumstances that the IRS needs to take into consideration – such as personal hardship, business hardship, loss of income, medical hardship, innocent spouse, or other situation that may have led to the tax debt. In order to present each case to the IRS, all circumstances which led to the tax debt must be understood and presented in the best possible light to the IRS.
  2. Tax debt consultant proposes a solution based on taxpayers unique set of circumstances and goals. No single tax relief option is the right solution for every situation. As a result, based on the information gained by the tax debt analyst, the remainder of the free tax debt relief consultation is transferred to the appropriate tax debt consultant who has the unique expertise and track record of resolving the specific tax debt issue at hand. The tax debt consultant will then present a step-by-step plan for settling and resolving the tax debt as quickly as possible. Only after the tax consultant and taxpayer agree on the proposed step-by-step solution for resolving taxes are tax resolution fees discussed and presented for approval. Again, taxpayers receiving a free tax debt review and tax resolution plan are under absolutely no obligation.
  3. Only If consumers agree to the tax debt resolution as presented are applicable contracts submitted to the taxpayer by digital document delivery, fax, or email. In addition to applicable tax resolution agreements, the taxpayer then signs IRS form 8821 which allows the tax relief team to contact the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer, verify the tax debt amount, current status of the file, and whether a revenue officer has already been assigned to the taxpayer's case. With this information verified, a tax relief case review officer goes to work on behalf of the taxpayer to ensure that each client is fully informed with reasonable settlement expectations. The tax case review officer then works on behalf of the consumer to answer any additional questions prior to transferring the case to the tax resolution department that specializes in the unique type of resolution required. The resolution department then works directly with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer – escalating the case with the IRS if necessary – in order to settle with the IRS and resolve the tax debt as quickly as possible.
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