Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can benefit from tax relief services?

A: Tax Defense specialists and attorneys negotiate private settlements on behalf of taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 or more -- including those who have not filed returns for one or multiple years for a variety of reasons. In addition, tax relief can help individuals or businesses in need of immediate relief to stop or remove a wage garnishment, tax lien, or bank account levy.

Q: If you're having difficulty with the IRS, how can Tax Defense help you?

A: When you talk to the IRS, you are often communicating with a department that operates as a tax collection agency and that can be intimidating. The Tax Defense Network is a tax resolution agency, serving taxpayers nationwide, strategically located minutes away from an IRS Regional Office in Jacksonville, Florida – where your case can be expedited through face-to-face meetings and in-person negotiations with IRS officers – who have the authority to escalate your case and bring it to a favorable resolution.

Q: What are the fees for tax relief services?

A: Regarding any fees for tax relief services, please be advised that your tax relief consultation and case review is free, with no obligation or commitment. Should you decide to use the services of tax relief professionals and attorneys, any and all fees related to resolving your tax matter, including payment plans, would have to be discussed and approved by you in advance. Please note, there is not a single "fee" that applies to all tax resolution cases – but fees will vary depending on the tax matter involved and the settlement services performed on your behalf. Your free tax case review with a BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist will give you the opportunity to go over all details concerning your tax relief options and the tax relief services and IRS negotiations performed on your behalf.

Q: What does a free tax case review and settlement savings estimate include?

A: A Free Tax Case Review includes a 15-minute consultation with a BBB-A-Rated tax relief specialist or attorney who will conduct an independent and confidential review of the facts surrounding your case. You will then be informed of the available options to resolve or settle your case with the IRS. Should the Tax Defense Network agree to take on your case, represent your interests and negotiate with the IRS to settle on your behalf, you will be apprised, and approve, any applicable fees in advance and you will be fully informed every step of the way as to the progress of your case.

Q: Why would the IRS agree to settle back taxes for less?

A: There are a variety of reasons why the IRS agrees to work with taxpayers and settle for less. Often individuals or families are experiencing financial hardship, whether through loss of a job or income, illness, extenuating business or marital circumstances, or a number of other reasons. In addition, there may be "doubt as to collectability", "doubt as to liability", "innocent spouse" or a variety of other tax relief options or tax appeal provisions under the current tax code. In addition, the IRS may lower your tax liability because they feel you simply don't have the financial ability to pay the full amount you owe within the statutory time period.

Q: Can individuals negotiate directly with the IRS?

A: Yes, if individuals have a strong understanding of tax relief rights and options, as well as what can be rather complex tax code, this may be advisable. However, many people who represent themselves with the IRS may not have a clear understanding of complicated tax relief code and may not possess the depth of knowledge and negotiating skills to present their current circumstances in the best possible light with the IRS. Having an experienced tax defense team working on behalf of the taxpayer to meet and negotiate with the IRS may, not only relieve stress by stopping or removing wage garnishment, tax liens and/or bank levies -- but save a substantial amount of money as well.

Q: What should you do if you've received a collection letter/notice from IRS?

A: Do not ignore IRS letters or enforcement notices. They may be auto-generated but, if ignored, they will lead to a wage garnishment, tax lien, bank account levy or other asset seizure or enforcement action. Stay in contact with the IRS and consider the advantages of utilizing tax defense services -- tax relief specialists and attorneys who, through a free confidential IRS case review can apprise you fully of your available tax relief options and remedies and, at your request, negotiate directly with the IRS, to bring your case to a favorable resolution.

Q: What does "doubt as to liability mean" and how could this help reduce tax liability?

A: "Doubt as to Liability" means that there is a legitimate doubt as to whether the amount of tax liability assessed is actually correct. For example, it is possible that the tax examiner made a mistake or; failed to consider all of the facts surrounding the case or; there are new facts or evidence surrounding the case that must be taken into account.

Q: If I've fallen behind on my taxes and have the ability to pay the original amount but cannot afford to pay all the penalties and interest added on, can I pay the original amount?

A: Yes, you may qualify for a "Penalty Abatement" to remove penalties and interest. The IRS may waive penalties and interest for a variety of reasons including medical reasons, poor accounting advice, ignorance of the tax laws that apply, ex-spouse circumstances, the need to care and provide for a loved one, and more.

Q: Do you specialize in settling business tax debt?

A: Yes, tax relief assistance and negotiations to settle IRS debt is available for both personal and business back taxes owed.