What Others Are Saying
“...I'm smiling so hard my cheeks are hurting. It's like at the end of Braveheart...You know, when he screams “Freedom...” I'm going to go out a tell people... I believe 100% in Tax Defense Network. I was with another company and I invested money and left them and Tax Defense Network came through and did what they said they were going to do... Tax Defense Network gave me a new lease on life. They gave me hope when I didn't have hope... This is the best investment, if you can call an investment in my future that I've ever made...”
“...I feel like I hit the lottery but didn't get any money...It's just a huge relief, I can't explain it! I feel like I'm not held back anymore...and all this is my fault...I know that know...trust me I learned my lesson...I feel like I'm not going into buying a house for my family with a monkey on my back!”
“I found out I had a tax lien of $250,000 from taxes that I hadn't filed from over ten years. They arranged to give me a payment, get it worked down to $116 a month... I checked with some other things and ya'll had the Better Business Bureau rating and that's what got me started with you to start with but after working with you it's really been an easy process and everybody's been very helpful, and understanding, not demeaning in any way or anything. It's been really nice.”
“...We had gotten a letter from the IRS basically threatening to levy against our property and it's scary because they have so much more resources than what you have as an individual... I feel such sense of relief especially after talking to an IRS representative that really didn't have a clue who I was or anything about me and they really don't care, they're just basically trying to collect a debt and Tax Defense Network made it feel like I was not just a number and there was a resolution in place that I made the right decision that I went with the right people... you guys have been great...”
“...Because of some difficult family problems and a divorce and some financial issues over the past few years I did not file my income properly and part of it was the fear of the federal government... I finally heard about Tax Defense Network on a radio program and... from the minute I called them on the phone... they were hitting the ground running helping me, it was an amazing thing... I'm just so overwhelmed with what Tax Defense Network was able to help me with.”
“...Didn't know what else to do, this was my last resort because I couldn't make any headway with the IRS. Somebody from your office called and you just got it fixed for us, that's all I can say. It's just a relief, It's just taking the stress away!”
“...I had a wage garnishment on my paycheck and the you were able to get back taxes taken care of and get all the garnishments taken off. feel like a burden has been lifted off my head that I've had for I don't how long!”
“...I'm 53 years old... now I feel like I'm 25 again and I have my life back. I want to celebrate, I feel fantastic! I felt very comfortable and at ease with everyone I spoke with. Everyone was professional. It was a joy working with the Tax Defense Network.”
“They settled it for me and made it affordable... It took a big load my mind... You did what you told me you would do... and didn't leave me in the dark...”
“...You guys got me in a good situation, you saved my bacon... I can't describe it... the burden... I've been running scared for 7 or 8 years now... ....honestly, I didn't even want to talk to you guys... I didn't think there was anyway to get out of this hole.”
“...All the unknowns are solved.... You're very professional, you didn't promise things that you couldn't deliver...you did a good job of managing expectations... making sure I knew what can be done and can't be done... I always felt like I knew what was happening and I wasn't promised things that were not realistic.”
“...They made communication with the IRS to get us into an agreement that worked for our situation”
“I called a few different tax places before I got to Tax Defense. Here was the one main difference. On every other number I called I either got a recording or an operator who wanted to route my information somewhere and someone else would call me. Tax Defense answered their own phones... Just not having to deal with the IRS myself was an awesome thing itself because they are a very intimidating organization. Tax Defense took care of everything.”
“I can wake up in the morning and go to work without the worry in my mind that all of the sudden my bank account... they are going to take what they want to take without any consideration of us still needing to live life and pay other bills... so it's taken a big burden off our shoulders that I can still pay all my other bills and still live a little bit comfortably and take care of everything else and still get right with the IRS... and still try to plan for our future, yet still take care of the IRS and get it under control to where we would never owe the IRS again.”
“The peace of mind just knowing that ya'll were handling this was like a weight had been lifted off of me, and I'm sure it was with James too, but ya'll have been absolutely wonderful.”