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Michigan Chiropractor To Serve Time For Tax Charges

A Grand Rapids man used his company's credit union account to evade taxes. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, chiropractor was recently sentenced to two years in federal prison for federal tax evasion charges.

Kerry Kilpatrick, 57, did not file tax returns on time from 1999-2005 on time, and evaded taxes for an additional two years, according to Michigan news source WoodTV Grand Rapids. In total, his business took in more than $3 million from 1999 to 2007; he owes approximately $467,000 in taxes during that period.

Kilpatrick paid himself from his company's credit union account but did not report this income on on tax forms, the news source reported. He used the money for multiple personal expenses, including his mortgage. Kilpatrick also created various holding companies in the United States and abroad to further prevent paying taxes on his income, and to only pay local taxes on his properties.

In 2006, he reported more than $1 million in income on his federal tax return, but because he claimed significant deductions, he was listed as having no taxable income, the news source reported.

In addition to his prison sentence, Kilpatrick will serve two years of supervised release.

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