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IRS: Stay On Your Toes To Avoid Scams

The IRS warns taxpayers to be wary of scams involving tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers - especially those in the South and Midwest - to be wary of anyone urging them to file claims for which they do not qualify.

There has been an uptick in scams related to tax returns, typically involving tax providers who overcharge victims to pay for false claims or entice taxpayers by promising non-existent Social Security refunds or rebates. In some cases, a person may qualify for a refund, but the preparer will use false or inflated information to get an increased return, the IRS says.

They also may charge astronomical fees to prepare legitimate returns that may times could have been prepared by the IRS for free. In other instances, scammers hit churches and communities with advertisements that suggest taxpayers can file with little or no documentation and receive free money from the IRS.

The agency warns that the most vulnerable groups include the elderly, church congregations and low-income individuals. It also reminds taxpayers to never divulge information in an email, as phishing is an easy way for scammers to fraudulently gain information.

In a time when everyone is looking for tax relief, the IRS offers simple words of advice to avoid falling prey to scams: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

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