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IRS Shines Light On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

IRS may begin auditing numerous medical marijuana dispensaries. The Internal Revenue Service has recently focused its attention on medical marijuana dispensaries, with the Colorado Independent reporting the tax agency may have already begun audits on 12 establishments in California.

The IRS is conducting these audits on the grounds that the medical marijuana locations have been improperly deducting business expenses, the report said. The agency is using a rule in the federal tax code that stipulates businesses that sell certain drugs are not allowed to make business deduction on their tax returns.

Many of these dispensaries depend on the deductions they receive from the federal government to continue their business operations; if the IRS rules they are ineligible to make these business deductions, many of the establishments may be forced to file for bankruptcy, according to the news source.

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana about 20 miles north of San Francisco, California, was the first dispensary to receive a final audit from the tax agency, the report said. The founder and owner of MAMM, Lynette Shaw, says she will appeal the audit in the U.S. Tax Court, hoping her case will help protect other dispensaries in the state from suffering the same fate. 

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