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Group Charged For Tax Fraud

Five Hawaiian were recently charged with tax fraud after trying to take money from the U.S. Treasury. Five Hawaiians who were involved in a tax scheme were recently indicted for a multitude of charges.

John Oliver, Lehua Hoy, Mahealani Ventura-Oliver, Pilialoha Teves and Peter Hoy were all charged with conspiracy to submit fraudulent tax returns, according to The Associated Press. In addition, the Olivers were given an additional money laundering count, and all involved were charged with a total of 16 mail fraud counts. The five Hawaiians are accused of making nearly $470,000 from the scheme.

The scheme developed when the group allegedly promised customers that they could receive funds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury that would eliminate debts they have, according to the news source. Fraudulent money orders, promissory notes and bonds were allegedly created by the group, and they would then instruct consumers to send these to various government institutions in order to validate them.

In addition to the fake money orders, the group is accused of encouraging consumers to stop making vital payments, such as those for mortgages, property taxes as well as other transactions, the news source added. The group allegedly told these customers that foreclosure proceedings would be prevented, and debts would be eliminated.

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