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Georgians Arrested For Tax Fraud

Two Georgia women were arrested for allegedly taking part in a tax fraud scheme. Two people from Thomaston, Georgia, were recently arrested for allegedly taking part in a tax fraud scheme.

Brandy Searcy, 32, and Cawanda Caldwell, 30, both turned themselves in, according to The Thomaston Times. They are the second and third women to be connected to the scheme, as Devonnye Harris was arrested on an identity theft charge in May. Caldwell was charged with two counts of identity fraud.

Searcy is charged with filing three income tax returns in the names of people who she knew, as well as three counts of identity fraud and three counts of forgery, Sgt. Tim Ledbetter, representative of the Thomaston Police Department, told the news source. She allegedly forged victim's names on the checks and put them in her personal bank account.

Both Searcy and Caldwell allegedly used multiple consumers' identities without formal permission, in order to file fake income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service, the news source reported. In total, between $5,500 and $6,000 are thought to have been stolen in the scheme.

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