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Bookkeeper Charged With Tax Evasion, Other Charges

A bookkeeper was recently charged with tax evasion. A woman was recently charged with four counts of tax evasion and six counts of wire fraud for allegedly taking part in a conspiracy to steal thousands of dollars from her workplace.

Beth Boger, 44, from Garrett, Indiana, was the bookkeeper for St. Joseph Catholic Church when she allegedly bilked the organization for more than $364,000, according to KPC News. She also is accused of avoiding more than $50,000 in tax payments for the stolen funds.

The fraud is thought to have occurred when Boger wrote approximately 130 checks to herself from 2004 to 2009, the news source reported. A private business she owned, Accents by Beth, received the fraudulent checks - most between $1,000 and $4,000 - and after her organization obtained the money, she allegedly completed the embezzlement by transferring it to her personal bank account.

The checks were listed in church records as payments to various church-related vendors, including St. Martin's Clinic, a health center in the city, according to the news source.

The investigation was led by the Internal Revenue Service and FBI.

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