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The Tax Defense Network serves taxpayers nationwide – in all 50 states – with offices strategically located minutes away from an IRS Regional Office in Jacksonville, Florida – where senior tax relief specialists and attorneys can expedite and resolve your case through face-to-face meetings and negotiations with the IRS. To request your free tax case review today, begin online.

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Everyone's situation is unique. If you're like many people who owe back taxes, you may have many questions about how to stop or remove a wage garnishment, tax lien, or bank levy – or how you can settle or resolve your taxes with the IRS. If you owe the IRS back taxes of $10,000 or more, a tax relief specialist or attorney can answer any questions you might have as part of your free tax case review. Your free tax case review will provide you with an overview of your tax relief options as well as how you can receive immediate assistance to help resolve your tax debt of $10,000 or more with the IRS. To request your free case review, begin online or call (877) 838-9308.
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